Students & Parents Writings

Dedicated to the late Ben Wilson (on left)

Sharif Ali - Most Inspired Special Olympic Athlete

Cassidy Allen - The Influence of Judo

Daniel Bugarin - My Diorama Project

Ashton Farah - What I've Gotten from Judo

Matt Farah - Poem, Along the Gentle Path

JoJo Forman's - Video Profile

Nathan Goltz - Poem, Ode to My First Judo Gi

Dave Guerrero - Essay Questions, Answers

Dr. James Lally - Why I Am in Judo

Christian Landel - On Judo Questions

Nicholas Lauer - Messeage to Sensei Gary

Lisa Murphy - How Judo Helped My Autistic Child

Dr. Mike O'Neill - Judo for Me is a Family Affair

Alejandro Perez - on Perseverance

Gavin Purdy - What Judo Means to Me

James Slattery - Judo

Sofia Tagliani - Thankful Writing