Rank Promotions

The Judo Rank System

Jigoro Kano created this to recognize one's knowledge, abiltiy, contributions, and leadership

Key Links:

IJF Rank Requirements / Additional Information

Judo Black Belt Association

Kodokan Rank Requirements / Additional Information

USJA Promotion Requirements

USJF Promotion Requirements

USA Judo Promotion Requirements

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Read more about The Belt an article by the IJF

Additional Helpful Links:

Video Kodokan Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)

Video Kodokan Katame Waza (Grappling Techniques)

The CAJA Belt Test offers on line interactive practice tests

The Judo Information Site has more perspectives on ranks

The Black Belts of Pittsburgh 1969, (the ones Sensei Gary grew up with)

Sensei Gary's Thoughts on Black Belts