About Goltz Judo's Logo

Goltz Judo's logo was designed by Sensei Gary's dad, the late Julius Goltz. It depicts the true character of a judoka, softness on the outside with fire on the inside.  It is in the shape of an octagon representing the eight directional points of balance which are the basis for turning and pivoting, attacking, and defending.  The Kanji are "Ju" for gentleness and "Do" for way.  Inside the logo is the Kodokan Judo symbol.  It is a Japanese white cherry blossom, which is comprised of a gentle, cool, and soft exterior surrounding a red center interior that like the Japanese rising sun flag is hard, fierce, and focused.


Max Goltz Started with a Pushcart

The name of the club is Goltz because Sensei Gary decided to use his family name at the urgence of his longtime friend and judo mentor the late Dr. Zarantonello aka Dr. Z who told him, Goltz sounded a lot like Gold as in 'Gold's Gym'. Dr. Z said if he had a short easy name like that he'd use it too. Sensei Gary's grandfather Max Goltz immigrated to the US in 1910 from Russia. His original last name was Pisengoltz which was shortened by the officials at Ellis Island to Goltz. Upon settling in Pittsburgh he built a successful fruit market and became a real estate investor.

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