Dr. Osvaldo Raul Zarantonello, 68 was a judo giant

October 1, 1933 to October 11, 2001

by Gary Goltz

Osvaldo Raul Zarantonello was born and raised in Argentina. He started judo as a young boy and went on to become his country's national champion. After college, Osvaldo became a medical doctor in Mexico and later a chiropractor in the Untied States. His judo students, patients, and friends then knew him as Dr. Z. He continued to teach judo at Los Angeles City College and University of California, Riverside. Dr. Z was a strong masters competitor, refereed at tournaments, coached the US Blind Judo Team, and traveled though out the world on behalf of the IJF. In 1994, he received his Kudan, (9th degree black belt), from the United States Judo Association.

Dr. Z with Sensei Gary together in Tokyo, Japan - 1991

Dr. Z and I became the best of friends. He inspired me to call my club Goltz Judo. He liked the way it sounded, "sort of like Gold's Gym" he would say. It was Dr. Z who suggested that I start holding regular club tournaments on the way back from our second trip to Japan in 1992. He felt it would be a way to encourage better judo in our local players. Our first one was held in October of 1992 and we named it our Halloween Tournament.


First Club Tournament Poster in 1992 & Renamed after Dr. Z's Passing in 2001

We will now rename it the Dr. Z Memorial Club Tournament in honor of his birthday and great life dedicated to teaching judo. He was always there for me, a friend I could count on in every circumstance. Dr. Z taught me to enjoy life everyday by living in the here and now. He will be remembered as a beloved husband, father, judo sensei, doctor, and most of all a loyal friend.