The Pittsburgh Press, 4/30/1968

Little judo throws 2 big bullies

by Robert Johnson

Subduing two hoodlums who attacked him while he was delivering papers was just in a "daze" work, according to Press newspaperboy Gary Goltz. Gary, 14 was in front of his home in Squirrel Hill, yesterday afternoon when he noticed a car stop at one end of the street.

A youth who seemed about "a foot taller than me" and with menacing looks got out of the car and began walking towards Gary. The car then continued down the street past Gary, stopped and another youth got out. "They were both walking up to me," the newspaperboy said. "I was right in the middle." One of the youths ordered Gary to "give me your money" and pushed him when he refused. Gary stated.

He is only 5'2" tall and 112 pounds but he had an equalizer --three years of judo training and a purple belt. "A judo player isn't a bully but when the guy facing me threw a punch, I went like into a daze," Gary recalled. "That's what happens when you know judo," he said. "Everything is automatic."

"I blocked his punch and kicked him in the groin," Gary related. "I used a shoulder throw on the guy behind me." A third youth who had remained at the wheel of the car, was "laughing his head off because I beat up his two friends," according to Gary.

The newspaper boy said he had good reason for not wanting to part with the earnings from his paper route. After all they help pay for his training at Kim's Judo School in South Hills.