On Judo Questions...

by Christian Landel, 3rd Degree Black Belt

What has judo done for you?

I started judo when I was 5 years old and I have never stopped since. Over all those years, judo did a lot for me. It builds my personality and who I am. I gained confidence through judo. I'm a reserved person and judo helped me to get less shy and to trust myself. I learned respect and hard work through judo. It also forged my body and push me to stay in shape and healthy all those years. More than my personality, Judo gave me opportunities. People trusted me and trust me because I'm in judo. I got a job and a new life thanks to judo. I met people I would have never met without judo. I built friendships and networking thanks to judo.

Christian with his fellow judoka at Saint Marcel Judo's Dojo in France

What have you done for judo?

Judo have done so much for me as a kid, teenager then young adults. I'm trying to give back to it by always being an example for judo and demonstrating the good value of judo. I'm helping teaching judo to the new students. I shows up at tournaments to help. I'm trying to help the people I met through judo to follow the same path as me and get what I got from judo too. When I practiced judo and different dojos or martial arts places, I always try to show off judo to get more people to join. It would be tough to repay judo for everything it has given me but as I'm getting older and wiser, I will try to give back as much as I can.

Christian with 3rd dan promo certificate and Senseis Gary, OJ, Brad, & Dave

aFe Employee of the Year Christian with Sensei Gary and his bosses fellow judoka Nick Niakan & Jason Bruce

Christian with his parents, Sensei Gary & Sensei OJ

Chrisitan as featured in an article on the 5th Winter Nationals, December 2010