Calendar of Events

(Volunteers are always needed!)

November - 2018

18th Sunday - Super Training at Paulo Augusto's, San Diego

21st Wednesday thru 24th Saturday - Holiday, No Classes

December - 2018

7th Friday & 8th Saturday - Grassroots Judo Winter Nationals & Clinics, (No Classes), Azusa

15th Saturday Annual Holiday Club Party, Claremont

(Holiday Break Begins, No Classes)

January - 2019

5th Saturday - Sensei Gary's New Year's Talk, Claremont

7th Monday - Classes Resume

21st Monday - Holiday, No Classes

27th Sunday - San Fernando's Kohoku Tournament

February - 2019

10th Sunday - San Jose Buddhist

16th Saturday - Special Needs Coach Clinic, Riverside

18th Monday - Holiday, No Classes

March - 2019

3rd Sunday - Grassroots Judo Special Needs Tournament, Riverside

9th Saturday & 10th Sunday - Youth Nationals, Colorado Springs

17th Sunday - Taishi Invitational, Westminster

23rd Saturday - CHP 11-99 Club Scrimmage, Claremont

April - 2019

7th Sunday - Valley Judo's 65th Anniversary Tournament, TBD

27th Saturday - Nanka Annual Luncheon, Long Beach

May - 2019

19th Sunday - San Gabriel's 90th Anniversary Tournament, TBD

27th Monday - Holiday, No Classes

June - 2019

1st Saturday & 2nd Sunday - Senior Nationals, Las Vegas

15th Saturday - Sensei Gary's Birthday Club Scrimmage, Claremont

29th Saturday & 30th Sunday - Junior Olympics, Anaheim

July - 2019

6th Saturday & 7th Sunday - Grassroots Judo Summer Nationals, Stanton Island

27th Saturday - Inter-Club Quakes Night, Rancho Cucamonga

August - 2019

10th Saturday - Buckeye's Wild West Classic, Phoenix

24th Saturday - Southwest Judo Open, Mesa

25th Sunday - Bojuka Ryu's Tournament, Monterey

September - 2019

2nd Monday - Holiday, No Classes

15th Sunday - East Bay Judo Institute's Tournament, El Cerito, CA

October - 2019

5th Saturday Dr. Z Memorial Club Scrimmage, Claremont

13th Sunday - Fight for a Cure Women's Tournament, Riverside

20th Sunday - Fresno Judo's Tournament

27th Sunday - Mojica's Tournament, Baldwin Park

31st Thursday - Halloween, No Classes

November - 2019

10th Sunday - Palo Alto's Tournament

20th Wednesday thru 23rd Saturday - Holiday, No Classes