My Study of Judo

by Ashton Farah, 3rd Degree Black Black Belt

Ashton teaching the Women's Self Defense Seminar

During the time I've been in judo I have strived to become a better person. This is because of the confidence I have built through judo. I have learned to be a student as well as a teacher. I have become a friend to people younger and older. I have discovered many new talents. I have tried to build confidence in others in and out of judo but I don't think I could have done this without the support and knowledge of a great Sensei and his assistants.

Ashton teaching the Tiny Tots Judo Class

Ashton also teaches the"Kids Safe" Self Defense Seminar

Ashton now teaches at Strong Roots Judo in the Cypress Neighborhood Center in Fontana

Ashton currently works as a realator based in Fontana

Contacrt Ashon via email or phone/text (909) 802-5082